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We strip her clothes off and lay her on her back. My friend climbs on the
bed and begins to put his dick in her mouth. She moves sleepily and turns
her head to him as he pushes into her mouth and she starts sucking like
hell. He grabs her by the head and start fucking deep long stroke into her
throat. Still asleep mind you, the bitch take his huge fucking cock--a good
ten inches and thick--into her throat without a whimper. I play with her
tits, pinching and pulling the nipples, with one hands, and work my way to
her cunt with the other. I'm lifting the entire weight of those fuckers in
my fingertips around her nipples...they're spongy and bounce back each time
I let them go.
Finally, I spread her legs and she lifts one to let me at her pussy. I begin
pushing my tongue in her asshole and she shifts to let me at the little
brown fucker. Suddenly I think something reaches her fucking drunk brain and
signals to her that two men are fucking her at once. She tries to pull her
head from my friends dick and focus on him. She's so drunk she can't see a
thing and he's laughing as he tries to describe the scene to me. He forces
her head back onto his dick and pushes for throat, telling, "Here bitch keep
fucking sucking the cock."

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